World of Warcraft – Amazing Silkweed Farming Spot

After much research and flying around countless zones, I’ve been looking for better areas to farm Silkweed and I think I’ve found a magic route to make over 3000 gold an hour!

What is the magic Silkweed herb gathering route?

The zone you’re looking to go to is the Valley of  The Four Winds.  The green is the ultimate path you should take and the red circle is where the greatest concentration of Silkweed is at.  I don’t choose to stay in the red circle’s area because the respawn isn’t too amazing in such a small area.  Taking the green route all the way around will ensure the Silkweed herbs have respawned by the time you get back to them.  I’ve also found off-peak hours is the best time to farm Silkweed in this area.

Valley Of The Four Winds Silkweed Farming Route

Valley Of The Four Winds Silkweed Farming Route

What are your results farming this location for one hour?

702 Silkweed

138 Green Tea Leaf

6 Golden Lotus

40 Life Spirit

12 Water Spirit

Total profit (rough math) 3638g.


Final thoughts:

Different servers/realms have different economies.  The total G made will surely differ from my realm and yours.  Try to sell these when they are at peak demand usually on the weekends.  A lot more guides about World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria are coming very soon so stay tuned!

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