Guild Wars 2 – Mad King’s Labyrinth Guide

How do I get to the Mad King’s Labyrinth?

You can get to the Mad King’s Labyrinth from scattered Haunted Doors from all of the starter zones.  The Haunted Doors are located by pumpkin icons all over your map.  I chose to go to Queensdale.  I Just completed this quest and got a pretty nice Berseker’s exotic and this was my experience!

Once you enter the Mad King’s Labyrinth, you will be presented with a waypoint and at the end of the path you will see a portal type thing you click on.  Here’s an image:

Mad King's Labyrinth Portal

Mad King’s Labyrinth Portal

Mad King’s Labyrinth Event Guide:

1)  Once you enter you will begin the event called “Defeat The Strange Foes Coming Through The Haunted Door”.  These will be level 84 mobs with some Veterans mixed in.

2) The next part of the event will lead you to kill a veteran skeleton.

3) Defeat yet another veteran skeleton.

4) Another event will begin where you have to kill waves of mobs.  Also level 84s mixed with veterans that you can use mortar weapons on.

5)  Go to the center tower located in the middle of your map.  There will be a champion mob here named: “Champion Family-Sized Candy Corn Elemental”.  There are mortar shells around him that should be used.  The fight’s pretty basic, not much to it.  Just tank and spank.  Once complete, loot the chest located inside the opening in the tower!

Mad King's Labyrinth Family-Sized Candy Corn Elemental

Mad King’s Labyrinth Family-Sized Candy Corn Elemental

6) To get back to Lion’s Arch, use the new waypoint you just discovered and run back towards the Haunted Door exit that you first came in through.

Great way to farm tons of candy corn and carve some pumpkins

There are an enormous amount of candy corn mining nodes, along with mobs that drop tons of rares, Trick-or-Treat bags.  There’s also a ton of carving pumpkins to help with your Master Carver title.


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