Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns

Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns

This Elwynn Forest rare spawn guide is updated for the latest WoW Patch.

Green indicates a tameable mob for hunters.

Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns Map

Elwynn Forest Rare Spawns Map


Lamepaw the Whimperer:

Lamepaw The Whimperer Rare Spawn

Lamepaw The Whimperer

This is a great rare spawn for hunters to tame because you won’t see another one like it until you get to Ironjaw who’s level 63-64 in the Outlands.  He’s located North of Crystal Lake in Elwynn Forest.



Bushtail Rare Spawn


Nothing exactly impressive about Bushtail, especially considering lower levels of this model are added in other zones if you’re looking to tame him.  He’s located South of Ridgepoint Tower.



Fedfennel Rare Spawn


Looks like a younger version of Hogger located in Stone Cairn Lake.  He’s usually surrounded by many other mobs.


Grizzled Ben:

Grizzled Ben Rare Spawn

Grizzled Ben

Grizzled Ben has the ability “Rest”.  Located in at Mirror Lake Orchard.


Gruff Swiftbite:

Gruff Swiftbite Rare Spawn

Gruff Swiftbite

Nothing special about Gruff.  It’s even been reported he’s dropped no loot before.  He’s located on the far Southern part of the Westbrook Garrison area, where behind where Hogger is/used to be.  Been a while since I killed Hogger, but the map location is correct I believe.


Gug Fatcandle:

Gug Fatcandle Rare Spawn

Gug Fatcandle

Gug Fatcandle rewards some pretty good experience for low level characters.  He is located outside the Echo Ridge Mines in Northshire Valley.


Mother Fang:

Mother Fang Rare Spawn

Mother Fang

Mother Fang is a pretty scary looking mob located in the Jasperlode Mine.  Pretty impressive skinned pet to get for hunters since she was updated.


Narg the Taskmaster:

Narg The Taskmaster Rare Spawn

Narg The Taskmaster

Narg the Taskmaster is a pretty generic rare spawn located at the Fargodeep Mine.


Snoot the Rooter:

Snoot The Rooter Rare Spawn

Snoot The Rooter

Snoot the Rooter is located around the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch.  Nothing much to say other than that.



Tarantis Rare Spawn


Tarantis is a pretty nifty skinned spider that’s located around the Tower of Azora.



Terrapis Rare Spawn


Terrapis is a nice looking turtle for hunters that wanders the river between Elwynn Forest and Duskwood.  It’s reported he may have a pathing issue that causes him to wander off into Duskwood something.  I have yet to confirm that though.


Thuros Lightfingers:

Thuros Lightfingers Rare Spawn

Thuros Lightfingers

Thuros Lightfingers drops the “Fingerless Gloves” which are highly sought after by many players into fishing.  He’s located around Jerod’s Landing.